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Organize a Community Event

Huntsville Hospital Foundation defines an “Independent Community Event” as any fundraising activity by a non-affiliated group or individual benefiting Huntsville Hospital Foundation. The Foundation bears no fiduciary responsibility for these events, and has limited staff involvement in the project or event.

The path to launching an independent community event typically begins with an idea and plan of action that are presented to the Foundation. Upon careful review, the Foundation assists the potential organizers in examining a variety of factors to determine if in fact the proposed event is viable.  Assistance may be provided in certain areas of preparation (e.g., publicity)  and with coordination and provision of a nominal level of guidance and resources when appropriate.

Please review our guidelines for creating a community event on behalf of the Huntsville Hospital Foundation. You will also be asked to fill out an event application.

Click here to download our Community Event Guidelines & Event Waiver
Click here to download our Comunity Event Application Form
Click here to complete our Online Community Event Application Form

We appreciate the many businesses, clubs, schools and individuals who host fundraisers on behalf of our hospitals. Their support helps provide better care services for North Alabama!

For more information about hosting an event or project to benefit Huntsville Hospital or Madison Hospital, please contact the Foundation at (256) 265-8077.

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